Molina López Abogados was created in 2003 with the aim to provide an efficient and professional legal service, with foresight, to cover all of the legal requirements that its clients may need. Therefore, we include the management and administration of Owners’ Communities in our services, secure in the knowledge that this is one of the fields where most legal matters arise and where, on the other hand, there are the least number of qualified professionals.

 As is well known, Property Administration requires extensive knowledge of the legal regulations governing Owners’ Communities, including accounting, fiscal and tax laws, all combined with efficient, speedy and personal services, backed by clear and transparent work that leads to full trust by the owners.

 The office director, Cristina Molina López, is a Lawyer and Property Administrator, member of the professional association. Her knowledge of Law, specifically of Condominium Property, Real Estate and Town Planning Law, allow her to quickly respond to those legal matters that arise in day-to-day activities, as well as to the ordinary and extraordinary problems derived from the operation of an Owners’ Community, without having to resort to the services of other professionals.

 We aim to offer these services for our clients through a clear, transparent and, most importantly, relatable and understanding management for everyone.

 In short, what this office provides, through its Director, Cristina Molina López, and its professional staff, is a professional, specialised, concise and transparent service, to cover the various needs of an Owners’ Community in a unified manner. We are always willing to work and collaborate with any other professionals that the owners deem convenient.

We include in our work the management and Administration of Communities of Owners, sure that this is one of the fields in which more legal issues arise, and in which, on the contrary, fewer qualifield professionals exist.


Preliminary study

before giving a quotation, a detailed study of the Owners’ Community in question is performed, allowing us to see the exact current problems and situation, to thus be able to offer and guarantee services that are suited to the current situation and specific needs of the community. 

Resources management

The Owners’ Community resources are always managed pursuant to the decisions made in the pertinent Owners’ Meetings.

Administrative Management of the Community

    • Call for and present quotations.
    • Collections management.
    • Regular payment of invoices for various utilities and services to the community.
    • Management of the maintenance of communal elements, monitoring the work performed by the person/s in charge, as well as cleaning of the water supply network.
    • Follow-up of incidents and breakdowns of community installations with assistance by professionals for their repair, as urgently as possible.
    • Private claims made to owners, due to reform works and, in general, neighbourly co-existence.
    • Preparation of Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings: summons, production of Agendas, Books of Minutes.
    • Management of claims and problems proper to the nature of property administration that may arise and which we may learn of through the President of the Community and the owners.
    • Visits to the Community with the agreed periodicity and schedule.

Comprehensive technical management

of the Complex proper to Property Administration.


Legal action against defaulting owners

regarding Lawyer fees, for new small claims proceedings that are brought. Prompt notification to owners in arrears and beginning of legal proceedings to collect the debt, thus aiming to minimise the harm to the Community. These proceedings are usually brought by the office itself, therefore they do not entail lawyer fees for the community until the case is closed, when, as a rule, payment for the legal fees can be claimed from the defaulting owners that caused the proceedings in the first place.

Inscription of the community data files with the Spanish Data Protection Agency

as established by the Organic Law on Data Protection 15/1999 of 13 December, thus avoiding administrative fines for the Community. 

Full access to Community information

to Bylaws, Internal Rules and Regulations, summons, Minutes, accounts, each owner’s individual balance, etc., through Internet or directly at the Administration Office, by appointment.

Monthly dispatch

of the list of expenditures to the Committee. No payment is made without the knowledge of the President and/or Governing Board of the Owners’ Community, and they are always made jointly and through the Owners’ Community bank account.

Legal consultancy

with production of reports, on matters pertaining to the condominium property regulations that must be observed by all owners.

Review of the proceedings against defaulting owners

that are already ongoing to find out their status and to provide the pertinent collaboration.

Assistance in English and in French

with translation of the ordinary correspondence, letters and summons to meetings into English. A translator will only be used when meetings are held and to translate the corresponding Minutes, and only if necessary.

Visits to the residential complex

to monitor and check on it.

Clarity and understanding of the accounts

All owners can access and check the state of the accounts and bills paid, at all times and with utter clarity, not requiring specific knowledge. They may access the Community accounting and all types of reports pertaining to it, such as Minutes, Bylaws, etc., by internet, on the website or directly at the office.

Quotations management and hiring of services

It is the owners, never the Administration, who decide what companies should work for the Community. The Administration just presents as many quotations as are required for everyone to freely choose from, and it always tries to obtain the collaboration and knowledge of the owners when gathering them, never offering exclusive services of collaborating companies, as we work with all companies and professionals who are willing to provide good service to the Communities that we manage.

Ongoing follow-up

of cases processed with the insurance companies of the owners’ communities that we manage.

Personalised assistance

personal assistance by the Administrator of your Community, within business hours, in Spanish, English and French, either by telephone, or if necessary, by appointment, not entailing any additional expense for the Community.

24-hour service

Access through internet and emergency phone, 24-hours, 365 days a year.