Molina López Abogados has a legal department comprised of staff lawyers as well as external specialist collaborators, thus guaranteeing a comprehensive solution to our clients’ projects or problems.


Real Estate Law

At Molina López Abogados we have a department specialising in all legal aspects from the purchase to the sale of your home. Our experience in Real Estate, Town Zoning and Condominium Property Law places us in the best position to manage the entire sale and purchase process with full legal guarantees for our clients.

 We also have ample experience in negotiation and production of contracts, such as options to purchase, reservations, security deposits, performance of works, mediation with real estate agents, rentals, etc.

Civil Law

Molina López Abogados also provides consultancy on civil matters:

  • Family: separation, divorce, regulating agreements, mediation.
  • Successions and Donations (wills, inheritances).Our specific knowledge of both Spanish Civil Law and International Private Law guarantees that we can process our clients’ inheritances and wills with full guarantee and professionalism.
  • Claims for harm and damage from third parties, such as insurance, banks.
  • Claims for debt from private individuals and companies.

Condominium Property

Our Legal Office has professionals specialising in legal matters pertaining to Owners’ Communities and Entidades Urbanísticas de Conservación (Urban Conservation Entities), including claims due to construction defects from Developers and claims between neighbours.

Fiscal and Tax Law

Molina López Abogados provides all of its clients with advisory services in tax matters, thus offering comprehensive consultancy on all operations. We process and manage your taxes, relating both to your assets in Spain and to your personal or professional situation. (Income Tax, Non-Resident Income Tax, quarterly declarations for professionals and companies).